My name is Erin and I am a sewist based in Rhode Island. I venture to say I'm one of few Rhode Islanders who had eaten my weight in Krispy Kreme well before I knew about Dunkin' Donuts. I have roots in the South, found my true love in the Northwest, cultivated my first career in the Southwest, and got hitched in the West before I landed in New England where I birthed three super cool kids followed by The Violet Orange. I studied Fine Art as an undergraduate and was riveted by color theory; so, it is no surprise that I continue to play with color daily. I also savor intriguing patterns, quality products, natural beauty, delicious food, long runs, quirky people, and time with my fabulously crazy family. I sew in small batches to keep my work interesting and personal. I spend most of my days creating a line of meticulously crafted linens, bags and accessories in my home based studio, often with the company of my lively dog inviting me to play ball or feed her treats.